Keep them thar posties cycling

Lor’ bless the Indie for keeping us abreast of the breaking news as it happens and focusing upon the key areas of business news – such as CTC’s launch of their campaign Keep Posties Cycling. With the appointment of new CEO, Moya Green, at the Royal Mail, the CTC’s campaign has rolled out their campaign to keep our beloved posties on their bikes. As the Indie points out, Adam Crozier, the former CEO, had sought to phase out the bicycles on apparent health and safety grounds, as covered earlier on this blog here. Now the CTC will be pedalling their petition to Ms Green seeking to point her in the right direction of employing better bicycles designed for heavier loads, such as used in continental Europe.

Now it breaks my heart to see companies such as Pashley losing the franchise, but if it keeps bicycles on the road then I really cannot complain too much on this front. Better more bikes and less vans, even if it is to the detriment of one of the most venerable and fun bicycle manufacturers still in existence.

The CTC is encouraging everyone to sign up to their petition and write out a letter (don’t worry they have made it easy for us with an automatically generated letter which they urge you to personalise) – all it will cost you is the price of a 2nd class stamp…which is maybe about 26p?


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