A race for (amateur) heroes: L’Eroica

Not the most heroic image of a Guv’nor in action…

Photo gallery of L’Eroica 2012 via Corriere della Sera

Hot damn this picture makes me happy. Not so much the struggling chap pushing his eager wheels up some gravelly Tuscan mountainside (if you have seen the elevation charts you will allow me to replace hillside with mountain), but the fact that in 2012 a Pashley Guv’nor was allowed into the L’Eroica.

This fills me with great hope and joy, for I have a Guv’nor bought on the basis that I loved the look and was impressed that once upon a time this venerable machine made such a ride. However in recent years I had feared it might not be allowed to enter due to the strict entry criteria. This seems to have been waived for the great balloon tyres and sloped forks of the Guv’nor which means that in 2013 I will definitely seek to pedal my way on the home stretched hills of a personal hero Gino “Il Pio” Bartali, on my faithful steed Pashers.

Il Pio tearing up the field in his first Tour win

Now is anyone up for joining with me? A nice light training ride could see September used to cycle from the UK to Tuscany in prep for Il Giro at the end…


4 responses to “A race for (amateur) heroes: L’Eroica

  1. Pashley Guv’nors have been at l’Eroica for several years now, based on the fact that it qualifies as a modern bike made in the spirit of old bikes. Plenty of precedents, so no need to worry. The chap in the photo is a first-timer from Zurich who did the 75k; we were staying at th esame hotel.

    • That is fantastic news – than you so much! Good to know the Guv’nor passes muster and that the fellow in the pic is a recognised and valiant soul. I think I might try for 100km+ route…do or die as they say!

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